Wrong Place, Wrong Time


  • Noir point-and-click adventure made for a 48 hour game jam
  • Inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games
  • What I did: wrote, coded, and designed this game

Full Information:

Wrong Place, Wrong Time is a noir point-and-click adventure game staring detective Harvey Garfield. After a woman named Scarlet calls his office in a panic, detective Garfield rushes to the agreed upon meeting point. When he arrives, it seems the dame's a no-show. Investigate the area, searching for clues to Scarlet's whereabouts and just maybe you can get to her in time!

I wrote and coded this game for a Game Jam run by the WPI Game Developer's Association in mid-2014. It was inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games and was the first game I made that involved so much writing and puzzle design. Designing puzzles for this game led me to think far more deeply about the details of a game's design than I had previously. This game was made using Adventure Game Studio.

Download Wrong Place, Wrong Time here