Timbuk 2: Son of Timbuk


  • Made in 48 Hours for 2016 Global Game Jam
  • Exploration-based action-adventure game
  • What I did: designed and coded the game

Full Information:

Timbuk 2: Son of Timbuk is a Barbarian-themed, exploration-based action adventure game in the vein of Metroid. The world map opens up as you gain new powers that allow you to access new areas. Carve a bloody swath through hordes of enemies to recover your animal companions and the abilities they give you so that you may destroy the evil sorcerer Hank!

Timbuk 2 was made in 48 hours for the 2016 Global Game Jam.

I designed and coded the game. I started by mapping out the game world on paper first to allow quick prototypes of the various levels, and then built them after. This meant that levels could be designed quickly, and once implemented in-game they needed very little reworking. This allowed the game to be bigger than games I had previously made during game jams with similar time restraints. The advance planning also allowed the game to give a sense of exploration and adventure, despite the small scale by allowing for a compact and connected map. The game was made using Game Maker Studio.

Download Timbuk 2: Son of Timbuk here

Download the Source for Timbuk 2 here