Starfighter Alliance


  • Space shooter created for Ludum Dare competition
  • Each death cycles player's character, requiring them to master all three playstyles to succeed
  • My first entirely solo project
  • Creating distinct characters that were equally easy to pick up was the biggest design challenge

Full Information:

Starfighter Alliance is a space shooter where each death replaces your ship with a different reinforcement. Each ship has a different playstyle, and mastering them all is key to success. Fight space pirates in the unending war for peace in the galaxy!

I made this game for a Ludum Dare Competition in August of 2014. This was the first I made entirely by myself; in the past, I had worked with at least an artist. Having completed numerous game jams before, I was very aware of the need to scope a game carefully. Since I am not an experienced artist I opted for a game with simple game play to save time programming and allow myself more time to work on the art. I also chose a game that would not require art that was too complex. Starfighter Alliance was made with Game Maker 8.

Download Starfighter Alliance here

Download the source for Starfighter Alliance here