• A fast-paced death-defying platformer for one or two players
  • Traps are often well hidden, but careful attention to environmental clues allows players to predict and avoid traps
  • A rolling boulder chasing the player exists not only as homage to the classic movie scene, but to forcibly set the fast pace of the game

Full Information:

The only thing standing between you and fame and fortune is one small temple filled to the brim with deadly traps! Adventure alone or with a friend, but be warned: only one can make it out alive! (2 player mode requires a gamepad).

I designed and coded Run! as part of a 2014 game jam hosted by the WPI Game Development Association. Run! was designed to be an extremely challenging platformer, that required the player to pay careful attention to the environment for clues as to how to avoid traps. Blood splatters and bodies were placed to give clues as to the locations of traps before they activated. Bodies further were meant to give clues as to what the trap might be (a body with a dart in its head indicated a dart trap to slide under, for example.)

Download Run here