First Prize winner of WPI Game Developer's Association's Cutthroat Game Jam


  • First-person hack-em-up designed in 48 hours for Cutthroat Game Jam
  • Presents players with a series of simple puzzles to solve using novel commands
  • What I did: designed, wrote, and coded the game

Full Information:

Use your elite, arm-flailing hacking skills to support Agent Cobra so he can stop the nuclear launch! Equipped with the highest tech computers around, and the swiveliest of chairs, only you can break through security to open the door to the control room.

I designed, coded, and wrote this game for the WPI Game Developer's Association's Cutthroat Game Jam in late 2015. it was made in Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to make a simple, funny hacking game and so I took inspiration from text-adventure games. The player must solve puzzles using a number of commands available to them, with the main challenge being to figure out what each command does.