Credit to Dillon DeSimone (an artist for Chinmoku) for the trailer. His Site can be found here


  • Language-learning horror-mystery game
  • Created by a team of four in Japan
  • I designed puzzles and a zoning system to allow for modular design

Full Information:

Chinmoku is a language-learning horror-mystery game where you must learn the basics of the Japanese Hiragana alphabet in order to solve puzzles and fend off monsters. Using an android phone connect to a PC via bluetooth, players can learn to write the Hiragana characters and must learn to write quickly and clearly to survive.

I worked with a team of four on this game while in Japan. I served as the puzzle designer and game play programmer. I designed puzzles to both be fun diversions and to help reinforce the learning aspects of the game. I programmed a system to allow for easy and quick creation of new puzzles, along with a zoning system to allow for modular placement of game play elements including puzzles, new camera angles, and other interact-able objects. I also designed and coded various in-game interactions, such as a desktop computer which the player character can use to read in-game email messages.

Read about the development of Chinmoku here